The Emperor

The first sacred records of the Emperor date back to the 30th Millennium, when He united Humanity. Far beyond any other natural Human in might, intelligence, and immense psychic power, He emerged with a single goal: to lead Humanity to its rightful place and rule the galaxy.

Through courageous acts and righteous charisma, He led those that would follow and conquered those that defied Him. The barbarous tribes that warred on Terra became His armies, but He knew that Humanity had to evolve to see His will done. Through ingenious feats of genetic enhancement, He created the Primarchs; twenty transhuman sons forged from His own DNA, templates for the Adeptus Astartes that would form His great legions.

No one knows how the Ruinous Powers plucked the Primarchs from His grasp and scattered them across the galaxy, but the dark deed spurred the Emperor’s next righteous work: the Great Crusade. Forming an alliance with the precursor to the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Martian Mechanicum, the first of the Space Marine Legions were armed. Brought aboard enormous expeditionary ships constructed or repaired by the Emperor’s unparalleled intelligence and the forges of Mars, the Legions set out across the galaxy to reclaim Humanity’s lost domains and the Emperor’s missing sons.

The Emperor’s unparalleled might conquered entire star systems in short order. The vile xenos that stood in His way were slain, as were any traitors who defied His newly formed Imperium. The Primarch Horus Lupercal was the first to be discovered, forming a close bond with his sire. In return, the Emperor placed Horus in command of the legion of Space Marines crafted from his own gene-seed, the Luna Wolves.

As he discovered each of His Primarchs, he gifted them with Legions of their own and sent them off to conquer the galaxy in His name. The Emperor raised armies from newly reclaimed worlds — the first forces of what would later evolve into the Astra Militarum. Seeing His will enacted well, the Emperor appointed Horus Warmaster of the Great Crusade. He bestowed His son Horus with absolute authority over the Imperium’s armies, and renamed his Legion the ‘Sons of Horus’ in his honour. The Emperor returned to Holy Terra to commence the next stages of His grand vision.

Realising the unfathomable breadth of His newly conquered realm, the Emperor created the Imperial Administration, a vast bureaucratic body to govern His Imperium. The Imperial Administration, now known as the Administratum, remains the largest Imperial organisation, its tithes and archives forming the basis of the feudal society of the 41st Millennium.

The malign influence of the Ruinous Powers struck the greatest blow ever to befall the Imperium. Horus fell to their vile corruption, and led seven other Primarchs in an apocalyptic civil war against the Emperor.

Holy Terra itself was assailed by the massed forces of the traitor Astartes. In a catastrophic clash, Horus mortally wounded the mighty Emperor as He struck down His traitorous son. In His death throes, the Emperor was connected to a relic of incredibly advanced technology, the life support system known as the Golden Throne.

Entombed on the Golden Throne, neither dead nor alive, the Emperor has protected Humanity for ten millennia. His colossal psychic might is focused into the Astronomican, a psychic beacon that shines throughout the galaxy. Navigators use this light to find safe passage for voidships travelling through the Warp, as do Astropaths when sending psychic messages. The Emperor’s slow death is delayed by the thousands of Human Psykers sacrificed daily to preserve His rule over the Imperium.